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Senior Home Care Southern Indiana
Our Services

Most people prefer the comfort of their own home. But with aging comes concerns about safety, health, caring for the home, attending appointments, and socialization. This often creates a tension between senior citizens and their loved ones.


Well Loved Senior Home Care would love to provide the necessary support to make it possible for seniors to remain in their homes as long as possible, while also giving their loved ones peace of mind.


We provide our services with a high level of compassion, dependability, and care. Our services are personalized to meet the client’s individual needs. To begin, we complete an in-home assessment so that we can make a plan to best serve the needs and desires of the client.

Types of Services

Home Care

We can provide light housekeeping chores such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms and kitchen, washing dishes, trash removal, laundry, and changing linens. We can also work with clients to plan and prepare healthy meals they’ll enjoy.

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We provide clients with transportation to and assistance at appointments, the pharmacy, church or Bible studies, and more. 


Personal Care

We offer caring and professional assistance with personal care needs such as: dressing, grooming, personal hygiene, and medication reminders. Additionally, we can assist with a regular exercise program to keep clients active.


Our services are provided for a rate of $30/hour. We have a minimum of three hours per visit. Services are billed
bi-monthly. If transportation is needed, an additional fee of 60 cents per mile will be charged. 

Take Their Word for It

Highly Recommend

Sheri has been a DEAL CHANGER for our family. She is kind, courteous, prompt, funny, bright and very caring. She is helpful beyond expectation and my mother adores her. She has allowed me to keep my business going knowing that Mom is getting what she needs on the days that Sheri is with her.

Sheri visits with my mom two days a week. My mom loves the freedom Sheri affords to run errands and grab a burger without feeling like she is infringing on my time. And it allows my time with Mom to be more social, less work.

I would highly recommend her for any family member caring for a senior family member.

- Moira B.

Extremely Compassionate

Sheri is an extremely compassionate and caring person.  She is a woman of great faith.  She treats my Mother as if Mom was her relative.  Could not ask for a better caregiver!  

She is very safety conscious and looks for tripping/slipping hazards.  Sheri is also mindful for my Mother’s metal health.  Weather permitting Sheri takes her outside for fresh air.


 Sheri also took her on an at least 50-mile ride to look at the fall tree foliage.  Sheri reads her daily devotionals.  Sheri massages Mom’s feet and paints her toenails. 

- William T.

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